Pilates Bar
Pilates Bar
Pilates Bar
Pilates Bar
Pilates Bar
Pilates Bar

Pilates Bar

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Get that desired shape by giving yourself a full-body workout similar to a one you could get at the gym from the comfort of your home

Rock that perfect workout that keeps you in shape & healthy with our Pilates Bar. As millions of people are unable to go to the gym & fitness studios, this product helps people to stay fit, healthy & performing workout every day at home


Our #1 Rated Pilates Bar helps in building muscles, losing weight, tone your arms, abs, legs & buttIt incorporates movements you're used to, such as squats, bench press, curls, and rowing, those exercises with heavy-duty resistance cords for added benefits.

Key Benefits

  • Save that extra time as an intense workout of 15 minutes with this Pilates Bar is similar to 1 hour of a normal workout.
  • Save the money you’re spending on expensive fitness studios and all other exercise products that don’t work.
  • Develop a strong core, flat abs, long and lean muscles with mind-body focus through every movement
  • Give your body an intense workout session at home with the help of our pilates bar.

  • This Pilates Bar is suitable for a variety of fitness occasions and allows you to bring it everywhere so you won’t have to skip a workout.


Other Key Benefits 

  • Helps in losing lower belly fat.
  • Useful for upper & lower body strength training.
  • Suitable for yoga stretching exercises, resistance band exercises.
  • Low impact to prevent injuries, easy to use at home or in a personal training studio.
  • The adjustable resistances bands mean you can choose the intensity of your resistance-band workouts to suit your personal goals.

Package includes:-

  • 1 Portable Pilates Bar Kit with a workout tutorial link and a guide on how to use it with three full-length practices (Total Body Sculpt, Cardio Blast, and Chiseled Arms).
  • Country of Origin: Made in India


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